Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dolls Of Lisbon

What are the Dolls Of Lisbon?
It’s the next overseas art show in Portugal.
The plan: 10 to 20 artists, musicians, and filmmakers travel to Lisbon
for 10 days of creative events. Ted can give you more on the artist’s
statement. For my part I’m working on the film that documents the
event. I’ve already been shooting for 8 months.

The Dolls
I’m making 100 dolls for artists to paint change and make their own.
We will then show them in Lisbon. It takes me about 9 hours to do one.
I start with a wire frame then take strips of cut up t-shirts and
build up the body, and then I cover it tightly with canvas. It’s hard
so the artists can paint it. I’ve made 64 dolls. 16 went to Lisbon, 6
Berlin, 2 Baltimore, 1 Roma, and the rest in and around NYC.

How do you get to work on a doll?
You have to show with us on a Thursday art show. If we like your work we will ask you to do a doll.

We were hoping to go in October or November of '09 but it looks more
like May of 2010.
What is the hold up?
We are waiting for written conformation from the gallery and city.

Bring on the bitching. Artists and other Antagonist keep harassing me about the date. I get it, you want to know so you can take off time from work and get a deal on a ticket. Well I could make up a date, but that won’t help you. When I know the dates you will know the dates.
Stop asking me.

You can see a selection of dolls at the Antagonist show on October 17th to November 12th at the Mindy Wyatt Gallery, 814 Broadway, 2nd floor, NYC.

If you are one of our artists who is working on a doll post a photo here.

-Ethan Minsker


Marthalicia ( M-Squared) said...

Marthalicia ( M-Squared) said...

gona give it to ya next week, I messed up on the legs....

Natty said...

Can I come and meet you in Lisbon when this happens? I'm fed up with missing all the Antagonist action. I miss being able to come to NYC, join in & observe the art, sometimes even read. However I am getting a second hand digital slr via another hot Antagonist Sarah C who is currently living in my sweet London town. I'm still stuck with a no long haul travel ban so can't fly to NY yet, but I for sure could meet you in Lisbon, by then I hope to have been back out shooting, writing and antagonising.
I am sure antagonising the proper old fashinoed way will aid my recovery from my recent heart op! I must stop with the moaning, recover and get back to working on Antagonist Night UK!
Miss you all. Nat

Anonymous said...

We would love for you to me there Natty. It looks like May. I'll post here and every place when we know. Let Sarah know too.


Carlos Alcobia said...

Its more likely to be on May '10, but May in Lisbon is always a good option. =)

Nice Blog, will try to visit it frequently.