Friday, August 21, 2009

Somewhere Between a Punch and a Handshake

Hello, this is Brother Mike Cohen. I am one of the writers involved with the Antagonist Movement. I am from Buffalo, New York and currently reside in the East Village in NYC. I have lived in the East Village for the last 20 years. I love rock and roll. I currently host a writer's night which is brought to you by the Antagonist Movement. Once a month on the 2nd or 3rd thursday you can find me in the basement of Niagara on the corner of 7th street and Ave A hosting "Fahrenheit" - an open mic/spoken word/storytelling/ comedy/music thing. I host, perform, and hawk my book. (thank god, thank christ) The open mic usually runs from 9pm-11pm while the Antagonist art show takes place on the upper level.

Today I am doing my fucking laundry and running my fucking errands. While in the laundromat I can overhear the lady who runs the place saying "OH MY GOD" over and over. I dont know what the fuck she is talking about but she does not know how to pronounce "GOD". I am hearing "OH MY GAA! OH MY GAA! OH MY GAH! OH MY GAA! OH MY GAA!" There is a certain rhythm to this that I am enjoying like a bad pop song and I am compelled to say "OH MY GAA" every time I hear the idiot owner who does not speak the King's English say "OH MY GAA!" I love stupid people and would have nothing to talk about if there were not stupid people to make fun of. My father used to tell me that "if we all behaved like Jesus did, there wouldn't be any trouble in the world and a lot of people would be out of a job"

Brother Mike Cohen 8/20/09 3:59pm NYC

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