Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Buy and Bob Dylan's Christmas CD

Bob Dylan released a brand new cd yesterday. I went to Best Buy on Broadway at the corner of Houston to purchase the new Bob Dylan Christmas cd. I asked the "employee" if they had the cd. I was informed that the release date had been pushed back to November. I said thanks and exited. I called my pal Scott in New Jersey and told him what had happened to me. He asked me a politically incorrect question about the person who told me the new Dylan was not coming out until November. He then told me his own experience about going to Best Buy in New Jersey and not being able to find the new Dylan. (He asked and the "employee" about the Dylan.The employee disappeard into the back room to get a copy because it was not on the shelves). Scott had the new Dylan. The "employee" at Best Buy was mistaken about the release date being pushed back.

Today I went to the Best Buy on Broadway at 62nd street to purchase the new Dylan. I found a copy on the shelf that was marked $13.99. (the advertised price was $9.99). I went to customer service to ask about the price. The "employee" in the pink shirt ( I think pink shirt means that a promotion has occurred) rolled her eyes as I politely said " I have a question". She gave the Dylan cd to the "employee" in the blue shirt (not promoted yet but very polite) and had her do the price check. The price was in fact $9.99. I said I had some more shopping to do and she told me to bring the Dylan and whatever else I was going to purchase back to customer service when I was ready to check out. I shopped and found the Beatles double cd "Past Masters" for $12.99 !!!! ( a great price) I went back to customer service to find two different "employees" at the counter. I explained that the Dylan was $9.99 and she had to check the price for me again. Luckily I was not in a hurry so did not mind standing there like a jew waiting to buy a Christmas cd made by another jew to save money LIKE A JEW!! The "employee" asked me who had helped me before and before I could answer she asked " Spanish girl? Black girl? I said " A little of both". I eventually got my Dylan cd for the right price.

Later in the day I went to Duane Reade and asked an "employee" if they had wrist watches. He took me to the clock section.

Brother Mike Cohen October 14, 2009 NYC.

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