Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My New Tote Bag

I have a new tote bag. My girlfriend hooked me up with my new tote bag. One of her co-workers was getting rid of a bunch of crap. He was getting rid of two deluxe tote bags. My tote bag has made my life much easier. In my new tote bag I can carry my Odwalla Pumpkin Protein drink (which is only available in October), my Luna bar, my day planner, my New York Post, etc. It is also a great place to store my jean jacket when I leave my apartment in the 55 degree weather and then get on the subway where the temperature on the platforms is 80 degrees. I dont know what I would do without my tote bag. I actually have a collection of different size tote bags in my apartment. Every tote bag is for a different journey. Some people say it is gay for a man to have a tote bag. Where the fuck does that logic come from? If I am on my way to my GIRLFRIEND'S apartment with my tote bag full of my stuff...IS THAT GAY? I understand that if I was on my way to Chelsea to the "Rawhide" bar with my tote bag to look for some male ass...THAT would be gay; or if I was heading to the "Boots and Saddle" bar on Christopher Street in the West Village with my tote bag to suck a man's cock in the bathroom...THAT would be gay. I love my tote bag...and my Luna bar.

-Brother Mike Cohen

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