Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Royal Flush Recap

A hearty congratulations to everyone involved in the making of this year's Antagonist contribution to the Royal Flush Festival. Not only was the gallery opening a huge success (we couldn't get people to leave the place) but the film screening sold out, and when pushed into the larger theater, nearly sold out of that as well.

For those of you who don't know, This is Berlin, Not New York won the "One of a Kind Award" at the closing night ceremonies. This award is also often referred to as "Best of Fest," which I think none of us will dispute. After all the man hours and tears and sweat and love that went into making this show superb, we deserve a little recognition!

Below you can watch Ethan introducing the film (to a packed house) and then Jim (festival director and awesome himself) explaining how all artists can get involved in the festival next year. I know everyone worked exceedingly hard to make this weekend amazing, and I think we put on the absolute best shows of the fest. Our success only proves that with a little love and devotion, you don't really need lots of money to do great things (although none of us would turn down lots of money...).

Bravo and a standing ovation to you all!


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Allison Hester said...

Nice work Ethan and everyone. Congrats!