Friday, September 18, 2009

Dolls of Lisbon Part 2

Interview with Marthalicia, one of our Doll artists!

We have given out 40 Dolls of Lisbon to artists in and around NY for the artists to use to create their own awesome art. The deadline for returning the finished Dolls of Lisbon was the end of August. At the request of some of the artists, we extended that deadline by a little bit – but now time is running out!

On October 17, as part of the larger Antagonist Artists Group Show at the Mindy Wyatt Gallery, we will be showing some of the completed Dolls of Lisbon. This will be a preview of our upcoming overseas show in Lisbon plus, once we have all the dolls turned in, we will try to do a full show here in NYC after May 2010.

Two of the dolls shown in these photos are from our artists in Baltimore. Not only did they finish all their artwork, but they also shipped them back to us by mail.

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