Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My girlfriend and I are very possibly going to Paris in the fall. I have never been to Paris. I usually do not like to travel unless I am going to see at least 2 Bob Dylan shows. I studied the language for 3 years in high school but dont remember too much. I know how to say "FROMAGE" loud and clear and when we get to a restaurante I will be screaming "FROMAGE FROMAGE!!" as soon as we walk in the door. (In the same vein I would enter a bookstore and scream "SELF HELP SELF HELP!")

I love to eat fromage and that is why my cholesterol is so high. I see a heart attack on the horizon. I will not have health insurance for the month of September due to complications in the health insurance companies and laziness. It would be ironic if I have a goddamn heart attack while uninsured. My father did not have a heart attack until he was in his 70's which is pretty good AND my mother NEVER had a heart attack her whole life!!! (too bad I am adopted -LOL!!) Both of my parents enjoyed fromage often.

My favorite fromage is muenster with Brie running a close second. I could eat fromage on crackers all day. (low sodium crackers of course). I heard Vienna is very nice in the fall. I was watching a Patti Smith documentary from 1978 where she goes to Vienna for 20 hours to record and find some inspiration and magic. She mentions that she really likes the statue of Mozart especially "his big cock". Maybe we will not go to Paris but go to Vienna to look at Mozart's big cock and eat Austrian fromage.

-Brother Mike Cohen


Anonymous said...

men men men!

MARION said...

You should go to Paris, find a " Fromagerie" and ask for "les fromages d'Auvergne": le Bleu d'Auvergne, la Fourme d'Ambert, le Cantal, and the most delicious le Saint-Nectaire!
You will never forget this strong taste experience!