Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today I have been slaving over a computer at Ethan Minsker's place. I have been re-writing the 4th version of the pilot script for the cartoon we have been working on based on my short stories. The pilot is an updated version of my story "Stones in Canada". The idea is to pitch it to adult swim when the script and animation are fully tweaked. Ethan has been making antagonist t shirts all day and forcing me to help. I tried to tell Ethan I was busy working on the script but he did not seem to care and made fun of me when I needed help with the formatting and margins. He said "do it yourself, I am not your mother." Sometimes he is not very nice. He was nice enough to let me eat my dinner (sushi) in the bathroom while he and his wife ate their dinner in the living room. Ethan will be having a birthday party on sunday at Ted's place and I will be reading the new version of the pilot script in front of people for the first time. Hopefully Ethan will give me permission to eat a hot dog and a hamburger in Ted's bathroom.

-Brother Mike Cohen

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