Thursday, September 17, 2009

Professional Sports

After purchasing tickets at the Beacon Theatre for the Aretha Franklin show at Radio City Music Hall, I got on the subway today at 72nd and Broadway I noticed all the fucking assholes on the train wearing New York Yankees hats.

What is the obsession with the fucking New York Yankees? How come people that live in this city are SO FUCKING into the goddamn baseball team ? Do these people not listen to music? Do these people not have sex? What the fuck? PROFESSIONAL SPORTS? Are these people in the New York Yankees hats fucking serious about rooting for a fucking team??? I do not understand the obsession with the New York Yankees, (a bunch of men getting paid to hit a ball, catch a ball, and run around a little diamond).

What happened to the people that used to get in their pal's volvo in college and drive 8 hours to see the Grateful fucking Dead? Or the people that get on a fucking airplane and fly to Dublin to see Bob Dylan? Who are these people with the fucking New York Yankees hats? Jesus fucking Christ. I hate people. I hate sports. I hate the New York Yankees.

-Brother Mike Cohen September 16, 2009. NYC


Sal Nunziato said...

It's cheaper to fly to Dublin to see Bob Dylan than to see the Yankees.

Rue said...

This is my favorite rant I have ever heard from anyone.