Thursday, September 24, 2009

U2 at Giant Stadium

Last night I went to the U-2 concert at Giant Stadium. I am a fan of everything from the first album to "Achtung Baby". I think everything after "Achtung Baby" sucks especially their most recent piece of shit. I went to the show hoping the music I did not like would come alive in concert. My evening began waiting in the parking lot for my friend (stuck in rush hour traffic) to show up. I had his ticket and could not enter early. I really had to use a restroom and had no choice but to use the port-o-potty. ( I used the woman's friend Harry says it is legal for anyone to use any toilet...Harry knows lots of things.) I always have worries when I use the port-o-potty like I am going to drop my wallet, cell phone, or house keys into the toilet. Last night the worst possible thing, besides falling in, happened in the port-o-potty. As I was squatting and relieving myself I got the fucking SPLASH BACK!!! What the fuck? Is there a God? Does God exist? Is God fucking with me? I can only imagine what was in the splash back....a combination of urine and feces from 113 U-2 fans? Jesus fucking christ. As my pal Scott would say...."this is how god FUCKS you." The concert was pretty good but the new songs still sucked.

-Brother Mike Cohen September 24, 2009. NYC

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