Monday, April 5, 2010

Rat Houses - 2 weeks later

Have a little respect for the rats!

2 weeks ago we spent a few hours in Tompkins Square Park, showing off the rat houses that several of our artists made. People were really great, asking all sorts of questions and taking pictures and everything. A few days later, we set up the houses in an empty lot on 14th street and let them be exposed to the elements!

We initially thought that after a few days, they would be removed, by either the city or by people stealing them, or something. And that partially did happen. A few of the houses have now been appropriated by new owners, Ethan's capitol building, Un's rat cafe, and Jeramy's log cabin have all gone off to live elsewhere.

The rest of the houses remain however, and still look fairly decent, even after some inclement weather. We even have a new addition to the group, someone set up a beaten guitar case and gave it the name, "The Hard Rat Cafe". Someone else cut a hole in the fence for easy access, so people can actually stroll in and out of the open lot as they please.

Check out the situation as of this afternoon! And go take a look at these houses, it doesn't look like the city has any intention of removing them (or really any knowledge OF them). 14th St. between 2nd and 3rd Aves.