Friday, February 22, 2013

Antagovision - Brother Mike Cohen

Artwork Wanted!

The Antagonist Movement & Fourth Arts Block

New Project: Show Flyers

The lead non-profit of the district is Fourth Arts Block:

Fourth Arts Block was founded in 2001 as the non-profit leadership organization for the East 4th Street Cultural District, a historic and vibrant arts corridor in Manhattan between Second Avenue and Bowery. Now a neighborhood-wide coalition of cultural groups, FAB works to put culture at the center of community development, while preserving the Lower East Side’s rich heritage and creativity.

Deadline: Noon of April 20th. 

The official title of the show has not been decided upon yet. These will be wheat-pasted onto the wall behind CBGB’s. It is the same alley where bands used to load and unload their equipment. We will also use selected flyers for a fanzine commemorating this show. Any money we make from selling these fanzines will go into a fund for our next international project in Ecuador. Selected artists will have their work printed by us at 8.5 x 11”. A few will be chosen to have their pieces become oversized posters (meaning we will ask you to print them as large as you can and mail them to us—5 feet at minimum). Sorry but we will be unable to return them. Nothing pornographic will be allowed. We are working with the city for this project, and our main curator has asked us not to hang anything that might frighten little children. We reserve the right to reject anything for any reason. 

Please keep in mind, this will be filmed! By sending a submission you are giving consent to have your work be included in our movie. 


Band flyers for shows that could have played at CBGB’s between 1972-2040. You may use old copier-machines, scanners, hand drawings, clip art, Photoshop—whatever you want. It just needs to look like an inexpensive flyer and not from a large club with a big budget. Real or fake bands are both acceptable. 

Each flyer should include: 

Location (this should say CBGB’s)
Cover $
Name of band
Artwork (this is crucial!)

In the email subject please write "Flyer show" and your name.

In the body of the email please include your name again, location, age, website (if you have one), and how you heard about the project.

Artwork can be black and white, or color. The finished wall will be half black and white and the half color. The alley wall nearest the street will be in black and white.  

.jpg or .tiff files can be emailed to Ethan Minsker

300 ppi
8.5 " x 11"

Please remember, because of the vast number of submissions, if your image does not look good when printed, we do not have the time to ask for a better one. Send us high quality images!

Opening will either be May 4th or 11th. Noon to 9 for outside events. Films! Live music! Spoken word! Fanzines! 

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