Monday, January 25, 2016

Project-Nerd Fanzine Talk

Project-Nerd Fanzine Talk with Ethan Minsker of Psycho Moto Zine from Ethan H. Minsker on Vimeo.

Project-Nerd personality Erin Lei and Nerdcast host Iggy sat down with anime reviewer Jorge and the man behind The Antagonist Movement, Ethan Minsker. The four talked about zines.

Hear the full podcast HERE

See the full trailer for Self Medicated: a film about art

See past issues of Psycho Moto Zine here.

See more of Ethan's videos related to zines at the links below:
Zine trailer

Brooklyn Zine Fest

Fanzine workshop 1

Fanzine workshop 2

Death to Blogs Start a Zine

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